Sedation – IntraVenous

If you have an anxious feeling about visiting your dentist we have fantastic news for you. It’s called sedation dentistry in Roseville, CA and it is also quickly  becoming the preferred form of dental care for those who struggle with  additional issues like:

  • A very negative past experience with a dentist
  • A strong aversion to dental noises, smells and tastes
  • A very sensitive gag reflex or sensitive teeth
  • Difficulty in becoming or maintaining numbness
  • Complex dental problems, but limited time

We are committed to a pain-free, stress-free environment  where you can relax because you trust us to restore your oral health  with gentleness and respect for your personal comfort. We want you to  experience the least amount of anxiety possible during your dental  treatment.

You could be experiencing gum disease and jaw bone loss without even knowing  it, until a bad toothache forces you to pick up the phone and call.  Don’t wait until that happens: we encourage you to discover and  experience sedation dentistry in Roseville, CA.

For more information about Sedation / Sleep Dentistry or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vasanthan, Dr. Yanni or Dr. Yi, call our office in Roseville, CA at Roseville Perio Phone Number 916-788-1114.

Too Many Reasons to Relax

Once your anxiety is gone, nothing remains to prevent you from  enjoying the beautiful, completely healthy smile you have deserved for  too long. For simple and complex procedures like gum restoration and implant replacement, sedation dentistry from Roseville, CA periodontics specialists offers you:

  • Enhanced Comfort — your primary responsibility is to relax
  • Improved Productivity — while under sedation, there are  little or no interruptions, allowing us to work faster and more  efficiently, often completing multiple procedures in a single visit
  • A Visit You May Not Remember — one of the most compelling  reasons to use sedation is temporary amnesia; you’ll remember little or  nothing about the time you spent with us!

After experiencing sedation, many of our periodontal  patients vow never to return to dental work the way it used to be done.  If you haven’t tried it yet — and you struggle with going to a dentist in Roseville, CA — we can’t encourage you enough to experience sedation dentistry for  yourself!